Tuesday, March 31, 2015


My thoughts on the "Master Your Power Within" seminar

Brandon Broadwater and Higher Laws

Have you ever had an unexpected person show up in your life that taught you exactly what you needed to learn in the very moment that you needed it? Brandon Broadwater is that person for me. I will never forget the first time I met him. A friend of mine invited me to the Master Your Power Within Event. As she enthusiastically raved about the speaker and how her life had completely changed because she went to the event I could tell that she was edging towards inviting me to attend.

I was reluctant to go to yet another event, especially after I had been burned so many times before by other speakers making grand promises of happiness, freedom and prosperity ending with only disappointment and a jaded view of undelivered promises.

I wondered how Brandon Broadwater could possibly be any different than what I had experienced before. I agreed to go to the Higher Laws event not knowing that my life was about to make a shift larger than anything I thought was possible and in a direction that would take me on a journey of adventure, hope and peace that would transform me forever.

The day of the Master Your Power Within Event arrived and as I looked up at the man on the stage, I thought "what's this guy going to teach me about life?" Then I saw something that I hadn’t seen before in all the past trainings I had gone to, I was shocked by the genuine look in his eyes and I started to ask myself “is it possible that this guy could be different?” As he began to speak, I felt the gentle arrows of truth pierce my soul. I could see that he cared about the people in that room and a seed of hope started to grow within me that maybe he would be able to help us create real change. Slowly my heart began to soften as if each truth he shared washed away one protective layer surrounding my heart at a time. This could not have been easy, as I had spent the better part of the last two decades allowing layers to accumulate in an attempt to protect what I so desperately wanted healed. He created opportunities for us to discuss my lessons with other participants and this allowed me to really process the principles he was teaching and get a clear picture of what I wanted different in my own life.

Brandon Broadwater at  Master Your Power Within Higher Laws seminar
Brandon Broadwater teaching at Master Your Power Within event - Higher Laws seminar

As my heart softened, I began to inch forward on my chair engaged the stories Brandon Broadwater told of his journey of going from a struggling student to becoming a millionaire by the time he was 29, and stories of lessons his wife Lesly taught him about creating loving and lasting relationships.

As Brandon Broadwater spoke something incredible happened, I began to understand why my life had gone in directions that I didn’t want it to go in the past and exactly what I could do to get it back in the direction I wanted it to go in. For the first time in as long as I could remember I felt excited about the future and hopeful about what was in store for my family as I continued on this path to discovery. So I listened and had my life change faster than I could have imagined.


My Life Before Master Your Power Within

There was a time when my life seemed perfect.  I was married to the most amazing man I had ever met, we were completely in love with each other. We got married and I thought that the connection and love we felt for one other would just keep getting better. 

Then as the years passed and after the birth of our first child, I noticed something shifting.

It was unnoticeable at first, just a few more hours watching television each night, a few date nights missed. Eventually it seemed as though the color we once had in our relationship was slowly draining out and we did not know where the paints were to add more. My husband who I had once looked at as the epitome of what I wanted in a man started to lose his luster as my endless pleas for help and support fell short. I was emotionally and physically disconnected from the one person I needed the most and the more he desperately tried to connect with me through physical touch, the more I withdrew from him.  I was resentful, disappointed and hurt and my husband Andy felt like he was failing me, frustrated and rejected. 

On top of the frustration that was building within our marriage, I was caught off guard with the realization that our first daughter, who I so desperately wanted had a mind of her own that didn’t jive sometimes with what I wanted her to do.  The "What the Expect When You’re Expecting" book had not prepared me for hours of crying, wakefulness and isolation that occurred as I desperately tried to survive my new parenting role. I remember many nights sitting in the dark bouncing my screaming child on the edge of bed with tears streaming down my face and looking over at my sleeping husband with resentment and bitterness growing in my heart.

The home and lifestyle that we wanted and saw our friends enjoying became more difficult to afford and so we compensated with magical credit that we did not have a plan to pay off.  The stress of our financial situation carried with it such a weight that I would cry every time I worked on our budget as I struggled to find a way to dig our way out of the financial hole we were in. At one point I recall feeling a sense of utter anxiety as I was faced with the realization that we were nearly $100,000 in debt and we were going deeper in debt by $1200 every month. I saw no way out

I remember at one point sitting on the couch with my husband Andy watching television, I looked over at him and paused the show.  Then I said something to him that I will never forget and that made us both become aware of the depth of the situation we were in and the need for us to do something different.  I turned to him and I said “Is this all there is?” There was a stunned and hurt look in his eyes as he began to comprehend my dissatisfaction with our life and our need to change things. 

At that moment we knew things needed to be different but we had no idea how to recover from our dissatisfied marriage, regain financial control, and find joy and peace in our lives again.

Then I met someone who would change the course of our lives forever and give us the answers we longed for about how to create abundance in all areas of life; financially, in our relationship, in our parenting roles and in our ability to have purpose and happiness in this life. 

I am so grateful for the struggles we went through because it began a process of lasting change.  The pain of our situation allowed us to have the desire we needed to find tools and support to create life we want and gave us the hope and trust we needed to attain it. The help came in the form of an unexpected teacher. Once we began being students again and learning how to create a life of connection, abundance, and hope, our lives shifted beyond what I believed was possible.  The joy I felt I had lost returned with a greater measure than before.

So what has changed since meeting Brandon Broadwater?  Everything! 

Changes in Me

The biggest change that has happened is within me. I used to feel like I was on an emotional roller coaster, being pulled around by the circumstances and feelings of the day. I didn’t understand how to have my priorities in order and how to turn things around when I was in a rut in my life. As Jim Rohn once said “for things to change, I must change. For things to be better, I must be better.” So that is exactly where I started to create lasting change in my life. I began working on changing myself, and doing that one thing created momentum that allowed everything else to fall into place. As I learned how to manage my priorities, I became empowered because I realized that although I could not control all the things that happen to me, I can control my response to them. At the Master Your Power Within event I learned about the 4 primary laws of success, which helped me to finally understand why my life was not going the way I wanted it to and I learned the specific steps to take to create the life I want. A life centered around giving and feeling loved, helping those around me and being connected to my creator. I can honestly say that because of the principles I learned at the Master Your Power Within event, everything shifted for me. I fell in love with my husband again, I found the joy in being a mom that I so desperately desired, our financial situation completely turned around and I felt the true happiness I longed for.

Changes in My Marriage

Now my relationship with my husband Andy is better than the day we got married.  He knows what to do to be my hero and I know what to do to hit his heart and make him feel loved.  Our relationship has completely turned around in all areas...emotionally, spiritually and yes...even physically!  One of the moments that made me realize just how much life had changed was one day in a coffee shop when I received an unexpected email.  I was waiting for some girlfriends for lunch and opened my e-mail to keep myself occupied in the busy cafe.  I saw an email from Andy and when I clicked on the button to open the e-mail I was overcome by the thoughtful and vulnerable message that was waiting for me.  You see, Andy hates writing poetry but he loves me and he knows how much I love receiving a poem written for me.  So despite his dislike in writing poetry, he had painstakingly written me a love poem.  As I began reading his words, a feeling of being loved so deeply welled up inside of me and I started to tear up.  In that moment my girlfriends arrived and saw me sitting alone at the table with tears welling in my eyes. They asked me what was wrong and when I said "it's Andy", they wrongly assumed the worst because that's the common story is this world. When I explained that Andy had sent me a love poem, an audible awe drifted across our table and as they read the poem they began to tear up too.  In that moment Andy had shown me that he cared more about hitting my heart than he did for his own comfort and since that day he has done so many incredibly loving gestures that have brought us closer together.  As my husband Andy has won my heart over, I have been entirely motivated to show him how much I love him and let him know that he has become the man of my dreams. 

Changes in Parenting

After learning some principles about state management at the Master Your Power Within event, I went from being the angry, stressed out mom to becoming more of the mom I wanted to be with more patience and love for her than I knew possible. I remember one time feeling particularly mad at the massive atomic meltdown that Zoe was having in our kitchen. I could feel the frustration well up inside me to the point where my face was getting hot. In the past I would have broke down in frustration and yelled at Zoe even though that’s not how I wanted to handle things. Since learning the 5 keys to having an amazing state at the worst of times, I knew there was a different way I could go. A way that would leave me feeling more empowered as a parent and Zoe feeling more loved. So I stopped in the chaos of Zoe screaming and started doing jumping jacks in our kitchen. Zoe looked up with me shocked by what she was seeing and in a moment of disbelief her tantrum stopped and her mouth hung open. The next things she did was started doing jumping jacks with me! Now we were both in the kitchen doing jumping jacks together and laughing! From that one decision, the destiny of our entire day changed. 

Now years later I have two more little ones and although logically I should be more stressed out, I’m not. I feel much more relaxed and have more fun with my kids in small daily moments of joy throughout the day. I’m not perfect but when I make a mistake, I get back up fast and do the next right thing. I have pure moments built into my day now that bring me so much happiness. Zoe and I have a ritual that we sit on our two seater swing in our back yard for her night time snuggle time. We grab a cozy blanket and cuddle together under the stars while I tell her what I love about her and ask about her favorite part of the day. Zoe often tells me her favorite part is “right now”. Sitting under the stars cuddled in a blanket talking about her day allows us to end the day on a high and have a small daily routine that brings us closer together.  

Changes Financially

Our finances have totally turned around too! Before attending the Master Your Power Within event, we were in the hole $1200 a month and in debt close to $100,000.  After applying the principles that Brandon Broadwater taught us we have paid off more debt than we ever have before (around $90,000) and in a place where we can save 10 percent of our income & give away over 10 percent of our income We were able to move out of survival mode to create the life of our dreams with traveling to places like Hawaii and Disneyland and moving to a beautiful warm place with palm trees.

Using the principles of the 4 keys of business I was able to replace our employment income so I could live my dream of staying home to raise our kids. Andy was able to replace his income from his job too and now he is able to be home with us so he no longer misses out on midday milestones like seeing our little baby Arya walk for the first time!  

Changes in Health

We were always relatively active people but never had a beat on eating healthy food consistently. Our vision of healthy eating was a salad with our burgers. Andy was told by his doctor that he would need to lose a great deal of weight and that his hereditary cholesterol problem would require him to go on medication. His doctor was not optimistic that dietary changes would stop him from needing to go on medication. He thought he would try anyway. Then we learned about the HealthFix program at a Higher Laws event and everything shifted for us. Since participating in the 30 day Healthfix program, Andy has lost over 25 pounds, reversed his cholesterol condition so that he does not need to take medication and is looking pretty smoking hot to this happy wife. I have lost over 5 pounds and can finally fit into my pre pregnancy jeans and have more energy than I ever have before. Our family now knows how to have family bright futures around healthy food and our kids get pretty excited about vegan milkshakes and green smoothies.  

Changes in My Spirituality

The principles I learned from Higher Laws helped me go from a place of having a distant, blaming relationship with God to a place where I know and feel connected and loved by the Creator.  I finally know my purpose in this life and am living that purpose. I feel more happiness and peace than I ever have before.

I know that Higher Laws principles change lives so if you would like more happiness, more financial freedom, more love and connection, more purpose in your life, I encourage you to attend a free Path to Prosperity Workshop in your area. Path to Prosperity workshops are 2 hour free workshops that cover some important Higher Laws principles. You also get a free catered meal when you attend the workshop! To find out more information or register for the next Path to Prosperity workshop in your area, call 702-577-1675.

I cannot say how grateful I am for Higher Laws and the difference it has made in my life.  Since my first event five years ago I have had the opportunity to get to know Brandon Broadwater and his family personally and I am constantly in awe of how much love they have for each other and the people they serve.  It truly is an honor to know Brandon and to have learned the lessons Higher Laws taught me so that I could create the life I have always dreamed of.  So thank you, Brandon Broadwater, for helping me to create a life of adventure, passion, connection and love.  

Much love,


  1. Thanks Brandon!!! I TOTALLY AGREE with Connie! You have changed my life and the lives of my friends who attended the events with me!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Higher Laws! That is so true how much these higher laws principles change lives! I love to see how much life changes for everyone who applies these principles.

  3. That is a wonderful read, you perfectly described the benefits of the Higher Laws and how it changes lives the way no other personal development seminars can.

  4. Wonderfully written Connie. I'm so happy for you and Andy for the wonderful changes that have resulted in your life :-) - Thank you for sharing your story. I was touched by the frustrations and pais you wrestled with, a story that I relate to. How wonderful you can be in a such a different place :-)

  5. I enjoy how real and brave you are Connie. It is beautiful to see the pain and joy, disappointments and wins. Because of your realness, I too feel the protective layers peeling off my heart.

  6. Amazing story Connie! I'm so grateful you found the knowledge of how to turn your marriage around.

  7. Brandon Broadwater has had incredible positive impact on my family. At my first Master Your Power Within workshop I knew within the first hour that everyone could benefit from hearing the Higher Laws principles. Every time I go back I learn something new that I can apply and make my life even better. Having my wife and kids on board makes the journey that much sweeter.

  8. Hi Connie, this is such a heartfelt and beautifully written post. Am featuring/sharing it on my facebook.com/livinglikealion page. Hope it helps spread the word.

  9. Thank you for sharing Connie -your words are abundant, beautiful and ring true to my heart in the way I feel & the changes I've seen in my own life through this Higher Laws journey. Brandon Broadwater valiantly exercises his incredible gifts in helping to empower others agency for great change; I'm deeply grateful for him and all the Higher Laws team/family for their friendship, mentorship and true awesome example. Proximity in this way has made all the difference! My life will never be the same!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing Michael! I love hearing about the changes that have come in your life from learning about Higher Laws and how much you love life more now because of these principles! You are awesome!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this post Janice! It is so wonderful that you want people to know about Higher Laws and how much they can change lives.

  12. Thanks for your comments Bill! It is so incredible to see all the changes that have happened with your whole family! I can't believe you've lost 70 pounds using principles you learned at Higher Laws! You and Kim look so amazing!

  13. Thanks so much for your kind words Derek! Derek I still am so excited that your book went to the number one best seller because of the principles you learned through Higher Laws!

  14. Thanks so much for your comments Rory! I am so grateful for the story you shared at Master Your Power Within event about how that event literally saved your life!

  15. Thanks for the encouragement Andy! I am so grateful for the life we get to share using these awesome principles that we learned from Master Your Power Within to create the incredible marriage we have now! You are seriously my hero and you rock so much!

  16. I love this blog Connie!

    I've watched SO many people have their lives impacted by what Brandon teaches and has taught at the events.