Friday, March 20, 2015


In today's society women come last.  Who are the biggest culprits creating this epidemic of stressed out and overwhelmed proportions?  Is it egotistical men?  How about society?

Nope it's actually women putting themselves last.  What?! Did I really just say that.  You bet! So how can I make a crazy claim that women come last because of women?  I can because I have done this myself and have seen so many women make this deadly mistake.  It is in the very nature of the feminine to put others before herself...often to the detriment of her health, overall well being and the relationships she desires the most.

So what is the answer to this epidemic of women being over worked, over tired, over stressed and coming in last?  

It's aligning to one principle women are able to take back their lives and feel more happy, more in control, more connected with the people they love and...wait for it...this is a gooder...actually enjoy life!

Before I dive into the one principle that allows women to experience this level of effectiveness, peace and joy let me ask you a question.  When you think of the main priorities that a women faces such as being connected to a higher power, herself, kids, partner and public (everyone else). Who usually comes first?  Usually kids come first, then partner, then public, then herself and a connection to a higher power.  What is the result of this?  Feelings of resentment towards her partner (any wonder that 50% of marriages end in divorce?), frustration with parenting, lack of energy and feeling overwhelmed.

So what is the answer so that women can come first in a happy, healthy and productive way?  What sets women free to feel more joy, love and effectiveness in their lives?  Well when I learned about this principle at the Mastering Your Power Within 3 day event with Higher Laws, I went from being disconnected from my husband, stressed out with my daughter and feeling like everyone was pulling me in a million directions to a place where I now have the energy and love needed to create a marriage that's better than the day we got married, I love being home raising my kids (now I have two and one on the way so I needed all the help I could get!) and I actually want to help those around me because I have the energy to do it!

Okay I promised you the principle that completely shifted everything for me and so many of the women I have worked with as a master coach so here it is.

What sets women free to come first in their own lives is to change our priorities to a happy, health and productive order.  So what is that order?  It is having a connection with the divine or Creator first, taking care of yourself, then your partner, then kids, and then everyone else.  Sounds good in principle doesn't it but you might be wondering how do I actually do that when I have a million things to do and my to do list looks like a scary two headed monster.  I promise you that it is easier than you think and when you do it you will have the energy you need to not only slay that two headed monster to-do list but actually enjoy life while doing it!  All you need to do is follow these four simple steps.

4 Steps to Happy, Healthy & Productive Priorities

1. Creator - Find one thing to connect with your Creator first (prayer, meditation, saying thanks)
2. Yourself - Do one thing everyday that gives you more energy (walk, find 5 things your grateful for, health smoothie)
3. Partner - Do one thing to connect with your partner (share 1 thing you admire about him, give a hug)
4. Parent - Find one way to hit your kids hearts (tickle little ones, ask how their feeling, give a hug)
5. Public - Do one thing to serve someone outside your family (help someone, smile)

I promise that as you shift your priorities using the 4 Steps to Happy, Healthy & Productive Priorities you will have more energy, get more things done (the most important things) and you will feel more love for the people around you.  So ladies stop coming in last and start putting yourself first so you can create the life you want!

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